Master Alco- Gel is an unique Hand Sanitizer. Bactericides which synergistically combine with alcohol to destroy a broad spectrum of both gram positive and gram negative pathogens. Food Grade, Alcohol Based Disinfectant for fast, effective hands sanitation for personal working in clean room and for equipment sanitation in food establishment and other industries.


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Master ProQuat is formulated using the most advanced technology of combining quaternary ammonium compound with the chelating agent hence forming a powerful bacterial cleaning product. The product is specially designed to provide rapid destruction of bacteria. It has broad spectrum action against both gram positive and gram negative bacterium. An idea product to be used as sanitizer in the food processing industry.

Dosage Application

House Hold

The Normal sanitizing concentration is 0.25% using 25ml to 10 liters of water or 12.5ml to 5 liters of water for daily maintenance of equipment and floors. Disinfect 0.5% using 50 ml to 10 liters of water or 25ml to 5 liters of water to kill Staphylococcus aures and Salmonella cholerasuis To disinfect and sanitize the contaminated hard surfaces the amount use has to be higher than normal daily usage.

Hopsital, Nursing Homes and Institutions.

0.5% using 50 ml to 10 liters of water or 25ml to 5 liters of water. The Effective level against Pseudomonsa aeruginosa PRD will be in the region of recommended dosage.

For Bacterial Control on Fabrics.

  • It imparts self sanitizing residue active to fabrics during laundering operation.
  • It active quaternary ammonium compounds are germicidal in extremely low concentration and are strongly bacteriostatic.
  • Its strong QAC compound strongly attached to textile fibers and retards the growth and spread of bacteria like staphylococcus aureus.
  • It is extremely useful for bactericidal control on diapers, bedding, gowns, linen and others flat work used in hospital laundering, diaper laundering and Institutional laundries etc.


To sanitize dairy equipment, first clean and rinse the equipment thoroughly. Then apply the sanitizing solution at 2.2mls/l ( 200ppm). At this level, no portable water rinse is required. This complies with the recommendation of the local Health Board.

Cold Disinfection

For disinfection of previously cleaned surgical instruments, barber tools and dental equipment; simply submerge instrument in the solution containing 11.3mls/l of  ProQuat.

Restaurant & Bar Rinse

For Dishes, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils- wash with soap or synthetic detergent. Rinse Thoroughly and immerse in a sanitizing solution containing 2.5mls/l of ProQuat. No terminal portable water rinse required.

Air Conditional Application

For use as Disinfectant and deodorizer in Air handing unit such as Aircon Filter and fan coil unit.

It’s powerful quaternary ammonium compound provide rapid destruction of bacteria, virus, fungus and moulds.

Thoroughly clean the Aircon filters and fan coil unit with water. Spray the filters with diluted solution of ProQuat at the concentration of 20ml to 50mls/l of water.

Use Directions

  • Keep Out of Reach Children. Do not get in contact in Eyes, Skin or on Clothing.
  • Causes severe eye irritation. Cause Skin Irritation,
  • In case if Contact, wash immediately with plety of water.
  • For Eye, get medical attention.

First Aid

If swallowed, drink milk. Egg whites, gelatin solution or if these are not available, drink large quantity of water. Call a physician. Rinse empty container thoroughly with water and discard.



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